Helping Educators Engage and Inspire Students of all ages and abilities!

School Specialty, Inc. is committed to helping educators help students succeed through offering a wide array of products and brands in the educational resources market, including classroom supplies, furniture and other related services. Our focus is guided by our promise to:
  • Help educators accomplish more by providing them with the most innovative and complete range of educational ideas, services and products available.
  • Make it easier and more fun for students of all ages and abilities to learn by unrelenting in our focus to help enhance education every day, and in every way through School Specialty, Inc.

School Specialty, Inc. has demonstrated that we are capable of serving all community schools with quality products and related services at affordable prices. Moving forward in our partnership with our customers we will also demonstrate that our commitment to serve you stretches beyond affordable products and quality services. We endeavor to deliver an effective and creative purchasing solution that will add additional value in time saving and convenience.

Why has School Specialty, Inc. become the National Supplier for your Educational Needs?

We're Dedicated to you!

School Specialty, Inc. is committed to partnering with school districts, PTO's and parent groups on a wide range of projects that benefit both children, teachers and communities. From back-to-school resources to fundraising programs to resources that support educational needs, we have products and programs designed to improve student performance as well as your school's appearance.

We're Fast and Efficient!

Our ordering process is designed for schools. Easy, efficient ordering - plus fast delivery. School Specialty, Inc. has multiple ordering options and friendly customer care.

Our distribution network is made up of a combined total of nearly 2 million square feet of warehouse space and houses over 100,000 products. Shipping methods are based on individual customer needs. Orders are placed with a delivery company based on the size of the order and can arrive via LTL or UPS. Delivery locations may be specified on the order to honor the safety and integrity of a secure school environment.

Save Time & Money!

Whether you are organizing records in the school office or ordering supplies for multiple classrooms, we can meet every school's need for quality, innovation and price! No company better understands the wide variety, durable quality and high-level functionality schools require than School Specialty, Inc. We offer the tried-and-true favorites you depend on plus we pride ourselves on introducing innovative new products that help busy schools run even more efficiently.

We select and develop our supplies with a focus on value! School Smart products and other leading brands are offered at sensible savings for budget-minded schools.